Memphis Lift parents address learning loss challenges with SCS

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Parents and community leaders in Shelby County feared some of their children will never bounce back after missing out on several months of in-class academic learning.

Memphis Lift met outside SCS headquarters to urge the superintendent to act fast and address the challenges that come with learning loss.

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About 12 parents and community leaders met outside the district’s headquarters.

After taking a survey, members of Memphis Lift found out that learning loss was the biggest concern.

Now parents have come up with a plan that they want the district to implement.

Porsha Holloway has four children in Shelby County Schools.

She’s concerned children will fall behind and never catch up after the pandemic.

“You can have children mentally struggling but physically looking alright.”

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Parents said when they met with educators to find out how their children were performing, they walked away clueless because the information was hard to understand.

“Some nights, data nights, when we sit there with teachers, it is complicated listening to the things that they say, because the curriculum change. It’s a learning process.”

Memphis Lift came up with their own document called “My Child’s Learning Path.” They want the district to implement it so that parents can better understand how their children are performing.

“What that looks like is parents understanding what attendance means, and so all of that is addressed in the document. We want to know exactly where our children are with reading and how we can work with them to address those reading issues,” said Teresena Medlock, Director of Special Education of Memphis Lift.

The organizer of Memphis Lift said when they created their own document that they shared with the district, parents found it easier to understand.

They hope the new document will be in place by April or fall if the district approves it.

SCS released this statement when we asked about their partnership with Memphis Lift and how they plan to address it:

SCS Expands Commitment to Addresses Learning Loss through Partnership with Memphis Lift

Through continuous dialogue, Shelby County Schools (SCS) is proud to partner with community advocacy organizations such as Memphis Lift, Stand for Children, and other vested partners as we identify and expand support for students and families.

During recent meetings, these groups have been instrumental as we adapt the District’s utilization of data dashboards. Specifically, Memphis Lift has shared ideas on how our Research and Performance Management department can better equip parents through the use of individualized student data to plan for instruction. This collaboration further bridges the gap between home and school. We know that this work cannot be done in isolation and we look forward to the continued support of our community stakeholders as we plan for the success of every child in SCS.

Historically, addressing learning loss has been a District priority. Here are ways we’ve prioritized and offered enhanced learning opportunities for students amid the pandemic.

·SCS presented data during a joint meeting with the SCS Board and Shelby County Commission to discuss progress and research-based strategies to address student learning opportunities (learning loss).

  • Family Data Nights are hosted to educate parents on student progress.
  • Principals developed quarterly plans to address individualized learning loss challenges at each school.
  • Fall & Spring Break Learning Academies
  • Saturday Learning Academies
  • Summer Learning Academies