Memphis man claims MPD fabricated evidence in new lawsuit

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is taking legal action against the department tasked to protect and serve.

Kendrick Watson said in 2014, Memphis Police charged him with conspiracy drug charges, kidnapping, money laundering and other related crimes that Watson said were a part of an arrest that was made up of falsified documents and fake evidence that never existed.

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The lawsuit claims police used the illegal, false, and fabricated evidence as the basis to get a search warrant, to show probable cause to arrest Watson and to get an arrest warrant against him.

His lawsuit claims two officers, Therman Richardson and Johnathan Overly, wanted to get him off the streets by “any means necessary.”

Watson claims police tied money that he made from multiple businesses to illegal drug activity, falsified the number of drugs they claimed they’d found, and repeatedly increased the amounts of drugs confiscated to enhance the charges.

Watson said this caused him to plead guilty seven years ago, but the lawsuit said text messages that he became aware of in 2020 allege the arrest was unwarranted and the evidence was falsified.

It said that the City of Memphis was aware that the officers’ conduct violated its training, policies and procedures, but the city supported the conduct and never disciplined the officers.

The City of Memphis and Memphis Police won’t speak on pending litigation. We’ve reached out to Watson’s attorney but have not heard back.

CLICK HERE to view the lawsuit.