Memphis man named newest designer for Banana Republic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man has been named the newest design partner for Banana Republic.

Prep Curry went from in Memphis to Los Angeles with only $6 in his pocket with a dream. He also spent a brief time being homeless in L.A.

His new line is a dual-gender capsule collection featuring bold patterns, signature florals, and statement pieces, Banana Republic, stated in a press release.

Curry is now a Los Angeles-based designer and is self-taught.

Gap Inc. asked Curry about his journey as a fashion designer, leaving Memphis and moving to L.A. with just $6 in his account.

I would say that it really was just me saying, “I want to leave Memphis and do something better.” Knowing that for me to become a designer, I had to go somewhere where you can get real fabrics; you can see the real garment district, you can see real fashion shows, celebrities, and be on sets. I felt like in order to put yourself out in the real field of business, you have to leap. To this day, I’m surprised I’ve allowed myself to struggle like this. In the course of five years, I’ve moved 31 times and was even homeless at one time. It wasn’t easy, and I didn’t have a safety net.

—  Banana Republic

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