Mayor speaks on recent crime issues in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland spoke about the recent crime issues in Memphis and how he plans to tackle them along with interstate shootings.

Strickland said he believes combatting violent crimes across the city starts with reaching the lives of young people.

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Strickland said one way to tackle the issue is through the proposed group violence intervention plan he said worked in cities like Oakland, California.

That’s something he said the city needs now that a new law goes into effect July 1st that would make it legal for people to carry a gun without a permit.

“We’re going to go into hospitals, and talk to that individual once they have been taken care of, medically and say do you want to live? do you want to get out of this gang life and go the right path,” Strickland explained.

Strickland also spoke about interstate shootings in Memphis. He wanted Tennessee Highway Patrol’s permanent presence in Shelby County.

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“I think we deserve equal treatment to these other counties. We need it because of the dozens and dozens of interstate shootings.”

Strickland said he spoke with the governor and highway patrol about the highway concerns several times.

Strickland said if we can get a permanent presence on the interstate, those interstate shootings will go down.