Memphis mother continues job search as unemployment set to run out

WATCH: Memphis mother continues job search as unemployment set to run out

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — After doing everything in her power to find a job, a Memphis mother is having no luck.

New data shows over 12,000 new unemployment claims were filed this week which is a 2,000 case increase over last week.

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Tammy Rivera, a mother of two, has real work experience and has been unemployed for about a year.

“It’s scary, it is a very scary place to be in to think you could be homeless because you can’t get a job,” said Rivera.

Rivera was sending out dozens of resumes every day.

She has experience as an administrative assistant but was willing to work anywhere.

“I followed up on a resume and she told me they were getting 400 resumes for every job posted,” said Rivera.

She used to drive for Uber and Lyft but stopped in February because she was afraid to catch COVID-19 and spread it to her family.

She received unemployment benefits but only had a few weeks of payments left which scared her.

“I don’t know what happens after that hopefully I will have a job. I’m working diligently every day to find a job,” said Rivera.

FOX13 reached out to the Department of Labor who said Rivera could apply for extended benefits with the federal government once she stops receiving benefits.

It’s something Rivera desperately needed

“Hopefully I’ll find gainful employment that pays my minimum bills and keeps food on the table. I’m a little old to sleep in the car,” she said.

The Department of Labor said people who receive unemployment will get an extra $300 from a FEMA approved grant.

Those payments started last week.