Memphis reports 17 homicides in 13 days of new year

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are investigating the death of a teenager who was shot and killed Tuesday night, another killing that has put the city on another disturbing trajectory.

With 17 homicides already this year, Memphis is on pace for 475 over the course of the year. Only 13 days into the new year and two children have been gunned down in the city.

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The latest is a 14-year-old. The victim’s neighbors are speaking out.

“It’s kind of scary for us. We’re young, and we just moved here, so we don’t really know the place,” said Lynnley Burton, Neighbor.

Burton and her boyfriend are both college students. They had only lived in Raleigh a month before a child was shot and killed.

“I never thought I would be close to it. I never thought it would be in my neighborhood,” said Burton.

The 14-year-old, whose name has not been released, was gunned down Tuesday night in the 3500 block of Elk Point Drive.

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“It’s very heartbreaking for the parents to know you lost your child to violence. Memphis is so packed with violence. The world is packed with violence,” said Burton.

This is the second child killed by gun violence in Memphis this year. Relatives said last week a 10-year-old died after his 14-year-old brother accidentally shot him.

“I heard the 10-year-old’s mother saying we need things done in the community. We have a program perfect for her child that would have been perfect for her child and even the one’s living.”

These incidents pushed Pursuit of God Pastor Ricky Floyd to highlight the programs his church offers to keep kids on the right track. The program is the Husband Institute, where boys between the ages of six and 16 get mentorship.

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“We’re giving kids opportunity to entrepreneur, ball games, camps, and it’s no cost to parents,” said Floyd.

Despite this work, Floyd can’t help but wonder what more he can do.

“There’s a conviction that I have a whole lot more to do when a 14 and 10-year-old are shot. Life cut short,” said Floyd.

If you are interested in signing your child up for the program or even volunteering your time. You can call this number 901-3535772 or visit their website.