Memphis pastor believes shooting was case of mistaken identity

WATCH: Memphis pastor believes shooting was case of mistaken identity

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis pastor had worked for years to make Memphis a better, safer place but this week he became the victim of the Bluff City’s surging gun violence.

Ricky Floyd of Pursuit of God Church in Frayser said he believed the shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity.

He said he was shot once in his leg but when he spoke with officers, they told him they found 10 shell casings.

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Police across the city are still searching for the shooter.

Meanwhile, the man of God went back to the scene and prayed for peace.

“I began to hear what sounded like gunshots, and in my mind, I began to calculate, are those gunshots that I hear?  And the guy with me said go, go, go, they shooting,” said Floyd.

Floyd took us back to the corner of Joest Drive and University Street in Frayser where he almost lost his life Monday night, the same night that he brings young boys together every week for the Husband Institute, a mentoring program turning inner-city boys into men.

“And I thought the car that was behind me would just pass me by,” Floyd explained.

Floyd said the car was driving so close and fast that he sped up before the shots were fired, then he drove off and called 911.

He showed FOX13 at least six bullet holes that hit his car. Floyd’s leg was hit once. He didn’t believe he was the intended target.

“I visited a local business,” he said.  “They suggested that there are a couple of guys in the neighborhood who are affiliated with gangs who drive a vehicle that’s very similar to mine. They suggested that it had to be mistaken identity.”

He said when police told him they found 10 shell casings, he knew God spared his life.

“I’m still alive. When I was in this hospital that night there were several African American men that came through that hospital. Every one of them didn’t get out and walk out that night.”

We asked the pastor if he forgave the shooter.

Floyd stated, “I know I’ll get criticized for this as a pastor, but I’ll say until there’s repentance then there’s no consideration for forgiveness from me right now.”

If you recall, Floyd was also the victim of a carjacking years ago when he was pumping gas in downtown Memphis. He also forgave that man.