Memphis Police Department offers $15K sign-on bonus

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Interested in a career in law enforcement?

The City of Memphis is offering a $15,000 sign-on bonus to Memphis Police Department recruits, according to a release from Mayor Jim Strickland.

Other recruitment bonuses include up to $10,000 in relocation assistance and an increased starting salary of $45,623.

Will it be enough to fill hundreds of openings at MPD? FOX13 asked the police union and the MPD recruitment team.

According to the MPD recruitment team and the Memphis Police Association, the city’s new recruitment program is a step in the right direction.

”I mean, it is so competitive, and I am glad to see the new chief and city coming in and recognizing we have to up our game,” said John Covington.

John Covington is Chief Steward for the Memphis Police Association. He says the recruitment program should help with retention because it will open opportunities for officers who have been here longer to be promoted, and it should help MPD reach critical numbers.

”Well, I think we are trying to get to that 2300 number. We have classes coming in, and we have attrition. That number fluctuates to some degree, but this is exactly the kind of step that needs to be taken,” Covington said.

Chris Allen is MPD’s Supervisor of Recruitment. He says the program should help with the number of officers retiring.

”With the current recruitment program, we are hoping to restore compliment to the Memphis Police Department. We are hoping to cover attrition when it comes to retirements and things of that nature,” Allen said.

Lieutenant Alvin Davis with the recruiting team says the hope is to get more recruits from Memphis.

”We are hoping to get more applicants from the city of Memphis. We would prefer to get more citizens from Memphis because then they are a little more vested,” Davis said.

There are educational and physical requirements to join the force.

See the basic requirements for recruits here.

Text JOINMPD to 901.499.2336 to speak with a recruiter.