Memphis singer charged with attempted murder will not perform at Orpheum

A woman says it was her friend’s quick thinking to record what may have led to the arrest of Memphis singer Stefanie Bolton for alleged attempted murder.

Apple Maps says the drive from the Hotworx in Cordova to the Appling Farms police station is less than 5 miles.

One woman, who we will not be naming, said it was the longest drive of her life as she said she feared for her life.

“It went from harassing to stalking from stalking to pretty much-attempted murder,” said the victim in a phone call on Sunday.

For the last few months, one Memphis woman said she’s been harassed by local singer Stefanie Bolton.

She said it all boiled over on Saturday as she was leaving Hotworx.

“When I walked out the door, she pulled up in front of the gym and pretty much tried to run me over, attack me, trail me, she trailed me to the police station, right up the street from The Appling Station, she literally pointed the gun at my head, shot into my car. At that point, it’s gone too far.”

That encounter was all caught on video by a friend who was in a separate car from the victim.

The friend immediately began recording, and for a split second, you can hear that gunshot, resulting in a bullet hole in the back window of the victim’s car.

The motive?

The victim and police both said Bolton’s soon-to-be ex-husband.

“It stems from a failed marriage that I had nothing to do with, the marriage had already gone bad before I even got in a relationship with the guy, but she’s not attacking him, she’s only coming after me.”

A report from Memphis Police says Bolton did call to say she fired her gun and once questioned, police said she admitted to firing the shot at the victim.

She was charged with attempted first-degree murder, vandalism, and possession of a firearm.

Records show she has since bonded out, which the victim said makes her uneasy.

“I felt that I still fear for my life because if a person goes that far, take a chance like that, a person like that has nothing to lose and that’s exactly what Ms. Bolton represents, a person that has nothing to lose.”

According to Orpheum’s website, Stefanie Bolton is scheduled to perform this upcoming Saturday, September 3.

According to the Orpheum spokesperson, the promoter notified the team that Stefanie Bolton would not be performing at the Halloran Centre this weekend.

Bolton will be back in court on Sept. 12.