Mercedes towed after drag racing downtown, police say

Memphis Police are making an effort to “Slow Down Memphis” and that effort resulted in a Mercedes being taken from the street to the impound lot Tuesday night.

According to police, MPD officers were in the area of Beale St. and Front St. around 6:40 p.m. due to complaints of drag racing in the area.

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While on the scene, police reported seeing a white Mercedes at the stoplight of the intersection spin tires and accelerate at full potential.

Police said the car reached “an unknown high rate of speed” all the way through the next intersection at Peabody St. as people stood along the sidewalk watching.

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The driver was slowed down by the speed bumps on Front St., allowing officers to catch up and pull the driver over.

The driver was issued a misdemeanor citation for drag racing, according to police, and the Mercedes was hauled to the city lot.