Eight fires set in same ZIP code over three months leads to arson investigation

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At least eight properties have been damaged after a string of arsons in the 38109 ZIP code over a three-month period, according to the Memphis Fire Department (MFD).

Now, MFD is asking for the public’s help finding the person responsible for setting these fires.

One community member said this part of the city feels neglected and officials need to do more.

“What can we do to stop all these arsons?” said community member Tyrone Griggs.

That’s a question the 38109 community has been asking after several properties were involved in a series of arsons.

“They need to put cameras out here or something because we are still part of the city,” Griggs said.

According to MFD, the intentionally set fires started June 25th at 1305 Longcrest Road and five were set within two weeks of each other.

The most recent one happened on Sept 15th at 5075 Bowers Road, then again just the next day at 1166 Margaret Road. The latest one, to date, happened Tuesday morning at 5066 Urbana Road.

“They’ve been coming in at all around the same time late at night. They are all coming in fully involved which means they are 100% engulfed in flames. They appear to be nothing but vacant properties,” said Todd Conklin, the Vice President of the Memphis Fire Association.

But, to the community, these are more than just vacant properties.

Griggs said he is working to rebuild the community by restoring the vacant properties to be used for Section 8 housing and the homeless community.

“I wish I can take a magic wand and do something for the community,” Griggs said.

“Just beautify from the smallest point we can because people got to live somewhere. There is just too many people in the homeless shelters,” Griggs said.

MFD is asking the community, if you see something say something.

You can call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH or the State Arson Hotline at 800-762-3017.