Mid-South Food Bank feeling the pinch of rising inflation

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We’re all feeling the impacts of inflation.

Between the high cost of fuel, food, and transportation, the cost of living has gotten much more expensive.

The Mid-South Food Bank is also feeling the pinch.

Not only is the food they are purchasing more expensive, but getting it to their warehouse has also been a challenge.

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The CEO said they’re also dealing with supply chain issues and trucks not showing up.

“It is absolutely impacting the food bank,” Cathy Pope, the CEO and president of the food bank, said.

Inflation is impacting not only families but also organizations working to make sure they don’t go hungry.

“The prices have gone up, on average on the items we purchase, about 30 percent and transportation costs is up 35 percent,” Pope said.

Pope said high prices and supply chain issues mean the food bank must be more strategic in where and when they purchase their food and is relying even more on donations.

“It’s not really a matter of we can sit back and do nothing. We can’t just not order the food because we need the food coming into the door,” she said.

Additionally, Pope said more families are needing assistance.

“I had one agency. We had a conversation last week, and he is seeing a 50 percent increase in the families that are coming. Not so much the individuals, but the whole family,” she said.

As leaders and volunteers work to keep up with the demand, residents like Alex Boone are doing what they can to save a buck and feed their families.

“Especially paying for fuel and everything that’s going up as far as groceries, and all that going up. So, it’s just emptying my pockets,” Alex Boone of Memphis said.

The CEO of the food bank said they are seeing more donations than usual lately and credits that to the generous Mid-South community that always steps up in times of need.

But, they still could use more help.

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