Mid-South Kroger grocery stores use Que Vision system to aid in coronavirus pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tenn — When you’re shopping at a Kroger grocery store, you will notice new technology.

Customers say this is needed now more than ever before.

The thought of customers flocking to grocery stores is scary to some people who told us they fear coming in contact with a shopper who may have coronavirus.

Richard and Shirley Tute, an elderly couple said people are not practicing social distancing at grocery stores.

The husband and wife suffer from conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and bronchitis.

Shirley said, “When I do go out, I’m very concerned because it’s very serious for me."

Richard Tute is concerned about bringing the virus home to his wife.

He said, “she has a lot of breathing problems and whatever I come in contact with, I’m bringing it home to her”.

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Kroger has technology that tracks how many customers come into its stores.

This checkmark is part of a system called Que vision.

It allows customers to come in as long as it’s green.

If it turns yellow, the store manager takes a different approach.

Jason Ortiz, Kroger store leader said, “We’ll go over there and shut one of our doors down, and we’ll funnel all the customers on the main side, and we have little stickers outside on the sidewalk where they can stand six feet apart."

Ortiz said the Germantown location cannot have more than 700 customers at a time

“We’ve never hit that mark yet, and I don’t think we ever will," Ortiz said.

He is optimistic about customers swiftly shopping.

Ortiz said, “one thing we’ve noticed about this pandemic: customers want to get their stuff and hurry up and get out."

The only device of its kind is used at businesses across the Mid-South and has been around since 2013.