Mid-South woman becomes mother of 3 brothers after official adoption

MISSISSIPPI — After almost three years of caring for a trio of brothers, Felice Ford officially became their mother Wednesday.

“Everything was official,” Ford says. “They are officially mines and it felt pretty good.”

She said it’s been an unexpected and emotional journey.

It all started with the oldest, 15-year-old Shunkietrick.

Ford said he was under CPS care after getting in trouble for stealing food to feed his two younger brothers, Shundarius and Shuntrez.

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Ford said Shunkietrick contacted her biological son Zach asking for help.

She said this is when she found out they had the same biological father.

Ford took him in but this was only the beginning. During Christmas of 2018, she said Shunkietrick was sad and worried about his brothers.

“He said I have two younger brothers that’s three years old and that’s eight years old,” she said. “They’re sleeping in a car. A cold car in Como, Mississippi behind the store that I used to steal from to feed them.”

Ford would have to decide if she wanted to take in two more boys.

“We went there and they was laying there behind the store,” she said. “CPS got them and I’ve been had them ever since.”

The past couple of years haven’t been all smooth.

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“Over the summer the 11-year old, he lost his vision,” she said. “Excuse me. I just get emotional.”

Ford said Shundarius lost vision in his left eye after a freak accident with another child.

Not long after, Ford would have to decide if she wanted to adopt the brothers.

“Nobody wanted all three of them,” she said. “They was gonna have to be separated.”

Ford said the words from Shundarius made her decision easy.

“He told me fight for them,” she said. “He said you don’t need much money. All you need is love and that’s what I have for them.”

Ford said this experience has opened her eyes to the many children all over who are abandoned and need a home.

It also taught her a lot about fighting for those you love.

“Like Shundarius, my 11-year-old told me, he said Felice you all we have,” she says. “He said you stand up. You fight for us because you are all we have.”