Mid-Southerners react to Facebook outage

MID-SOUTH — Six hours without social media can seem like forever to some of us.

But when it happened to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp on Monday, some users wished the outage had gone on longer.

FOX131 spoke to social media users around the Mid-South about how much they rely on social media and how this affected them.

Most of the social media users we talked to who noticed they were affected immediately were on Facebook.

”And I did try to go on Facebook and do something and it wasn’t working but I mean if it’s the only way to get in touch with your family it will drive you crazy,” said Marquesha Braxton of Hernando.

Braxton told us she relies on it heavily.

But some Facebook users appeared to be happy the social network went down Monday, including one that said the world would be a happier place if it did.

Another said after 6 hours, our national nightmare resumes and another said it was nice while it lasted.

Derek Hines of Southaven told us he knew it when it went down but most people he knows didn’t take it that seriously.

”To post videos and post pictures and to post pictures of family and friends and to talk to each other. And other stuff too but I am not going to go into that in detail,” Hines said.

Tanya Stevenson of Olive Branch said she knew when it was down almost immediately.

”Well I use it to keep up with everybody that is the quickest way to let people know that something is going on with the family,” Stevenson said. “It’s just a quick way to get a message across.”

Hines said he tried to reach out to Mark Zuckerberg via email and asked him to call him back but he doesn’t expect a callback.

”It would be kind of cool if he did,” Hines said.

Facebook said last night the outage was caused by “a faulty configuration change.” The company said there’s no evidence user data was compromised.