Miss. first responders aim to help during Hurricane Sally

WATCH: Miss. first responders aim to help during Hurricane Sally

MISSISSIPPI — Hurricane Sally could bring as much as 10-20 inches of rain to parts of South Mississippi.

First responders with Mississippi Task Force One from Desoto County to Lafayette County headed out Monday.

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The benefit to everyone that is going is that the first responders will get more experience as they work in environments that are very hazardous.

The trained professionals will get to use their skills to become better responders if we have flash flooding in our area.

According to Mississippi Task Force One Leader Chris Olson, 16 team members with 6 boats from 10 different North Mississippi counties headed out to help.

“They will be staged in Hancock County and there is an Emergency Operations center there, and they have a building for them to operate out of and they will respond to areas as they are needed,” Olson said.

Over the years. this crew has responded to as many as 5 different tropical storms and hurricanes in several states including Louisiana and Florida and Mississippi and Virginia.

“The Mississippi Coast with all the rain that is coming from the storm they made a request that the state would like to have some swift water rescue to help them, so we put a group together as taskforce one," Olson said.