Miss. top educator asks lawmakers for grace year for students

WATCH: Miss. top educator asks lawmakers for grace year for students

MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi’s top educator has asked that lawmakers make it a year of grace for students.

That means third-graders would not be required to pass the reading assessment test at the end of the year. It was also requested that seniors would not be required to pass the end of school exams because of classroom disruptions caused by COVID-19.

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FOX13 found out some parents in North Mississippi say not so fast.

Kenneth Jeffcoat of Lafayette County is one of those parents who had few words on the subject but was very direct.

“No doubt I think that they should have to pass,” Jeffcoat said.

A lot of parents that we talked to said that the tests are important and COVID or not, they should make them count.

“I think the school year has been tough, COVID-19 has been bad on everybody, my wife is a school teacher and she is at home teaching virtually now,” said Warren Keith of Lafayette County. “Bad as this pandemic is I really don’t know what they need to do but to keep the kids safe, but something needs to be done so the kids can graduate on time like they are supposed to do.”

A number of educators said they believe the year of grace is a great idea because the school year has been very tough.

The state superintendent proposed the tests still be given as assessments but that 3rd and 12th graders not be required to pass them as they usually would because of the challenges of virtual learning and other stresses from the pandemic.

“Yeah, they have been missing out on the hands-on where the teacher can go to a student and talk to them one on one. " Keith said.

FOX13 reached out to the state superintendent to find out where the proposal stands with Mississippi legislators. When we hear back, we will bring that information to you.