Memphis mother at center of Amber Alert arrested, police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The search is over for the mother of four children who were the subject of an amber alert on Wednesday.

Police said the four children ages 1-10 were found safe Wednesday evening, but their mother, who was not supposed to have custody of them, was missing.

FOX13′s cameras were rolling at the Tillman Police Station Wednesday morning as the suspect, 25-year-old Jamisha Thomas turned herself in and was driven away in a police car.

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Jamisha Thomas faces charges of kidnapping and aggravated child abuse after the amber alert for her four children.

When Memphis police first reported the children missing Wednesday, they said the kids had not been seen in more than a month.

So, what took so long? Police said DCS got involved after Thomas took one of her kids to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital with an injury in October.

That’s when the agency put the children in the temporary care of a third party. It’s unclear if that was a family member or friend.

Investigators say Thomas picked up her kids from that third party on October 5.

When DCS went to complete their investigation this week, they learned the kids were not with the third party.

That led to the amber alert Wednesday.

“I turned her in. Police didn’t get her. I turned her in, and I turned the kids in,” Thomas’ mother Lorenda Thomas said.

Thomas told FOX13 she called police to pick the kids up after the alert was issued.

Thursday morning, she said she drove Jamisha to the police station to turn herself in.

Thomas said her daughter is a good mother who would never hurt her children. She hopes the charges are dropped.

“When I got the kids, the only danger that those kids right now is not seeing their mama or being with their mama,” she said.

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In the meantime, this grandmother is fighting to gain custody of the kids.

“I promise I’m coming back to get them with every cell in my body,” Thomas said. “I’ll work on getting something bigger, I’ll go to classes and everything.”