Mississippi expanding COVID-19 vaccination locations

WATCH: Mississippi expanding COVID-19 vaccination locations

PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — Mississippi leaders are adjusting to the new guidelines on vaccine distribution.

As FOX13 found out, they’re not so much worried about the supply as they are about finding more space to give more shots.

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The set-up has already started in Batesville. The vaccination location is changing for the Panola County Health Department because they need more room.

“At this point, it is my understanding the Mississippi Department of Health is wanting to grow this location,” said Daniel Cole, Panola County Emergency Services Director.

At a number of locations around the state, the health department is setting up where they can get more people in and get more people vaccinated. They are setting up in Panola County in the back parking lot of the civic center.

“Where they can provide vaccinations to the citizens of not only Panola County but to neighboring counties and have a bigger spot to accommodate more traffic flow,” Cole said.

Health officials said the demand for the vaccine is huge.

“We get phone calls daily with people who have health needs, people, some of our first responders have concerns and they would like to have it,” Cole said.

Another concern is Mississippi’s large number of people over 75-years-old. In some cases, they need more help registering for their vaccination than the system provides right now. The online registration is confusing for some.

“The population, 75 and older, a lot of them don’t do e-mail or internet or have phones,” Cole said.