Mississippi flag and Confederate statue rally called off due to alleged death threats

LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Miss. — A Mississippi flag and pro-Confederate statue rally that was set to happen on the Square in Oxford was called off.

FOX13 sources said the pro flag, pro statue rally was canceled due to alleged death threats.

The rally information was posted on Facebook earlier this week with the hashtag "it's okay to be white."

FOX13 found that the organizer was granted a permit.

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He later canceled the rally.

FOX13 reached out to the organizer but he didn’t respond.

Lafayette County's Jerry Moore said the flag and the statue needed to be put in a museum and the person who made the threats should go to jail.

“Whoever is making the death threats they need to be investigated and prosecuted,” Moore said.

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Lafayette County’s Rodney Campbell said he didn’t believe in the organizer’s move to support the flag and statue, but he couldn’t figure out what to think of the death threats.

“Threatening somebody because of their beliefs is crazy,” Campbell said. “Everybody has their own beliefs; everybody has their own opinion is what it boils down to. They are going to see things that way regardless.”

Moore added that he just couldn't get over that things had gone that far.

“Oh my goodness,” Moore said. “Two wrongs don’t make a right, that’s my opinion. I don’t know how to word it any better than that.”

The issue of the Confederate statue on the Square is being taken up next week at the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors meeting.