Mississippi high school sports will be back in action with restrictions

WATCH: Mississippi high school sports will be back in action with restrictions

MISSISSIPPI — High school sports in Mississippi will be back in action on June 1 with restrictions.

Like all coaches in the Mid-South, Center Hill boy’s basketball coach Newton Mealer hasn’t seen his team in person in months.

That’s about to change with the Mississippi High School Activities Association allowing teams to start workouts.

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Mealer said his team will open with outdoor workouts.

“Obviously six feet away,” said Mealer. “We’re gonna take all the precautions that we’re supposed to take. We’ve got a whole guideline sheet that’s been sent to us.”

The sheet included guidelines such as cleaning equipment between use, sanitizing stations in athletic spaces and wearing masks when talking in group settings but not while exercising.

There’s also a 72 hours restriction for those with fevers.

When indoors, teams must follow state gathering guidelines.

Mealer said certain precautions won’t be going away during the season.

“I mean I’ve seen things of that, how they want to separate them and not put them so close on the bench areas,” Mealer said. “In the locker room area making sure that they’re stationed a little bit more apart.”

Athletes use off-season workouts to catch the eyes of coaches but according to the guidelines, parental and medical restrictions trump everything.

“If they still do not feel like they’re child should be back on campus and back in that environment, we’re okay with that. You’re fine until you want to be there,” Mealer said.

High schools all over the country are quickly adjusting to a new sports world.

Mealer believed the responsibility is on coaches and players to provide the safest environments.

“There’s certain questions we’re gonna have to ask every time that they come to our complex before we even get started. So, it’s a two-way street here,” he said.

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