Mississippi inmates fill sandbags to help with flooding

WATCH: Mississippi inmates fill sandbags to help with flooding

QUITMAN COUNTY, Miss. — Flooding continues for parts of the Mid-South, including Quitman County, Mississippi, where Coldwater River continues to rise.

State inmates were brought in to fill sandbags just in case they are needed to protect downtown Marks, including the Quitman County Courthouse.

The county also said the sandbags will be used to help protect the sheriff’s department and the health department if needed.

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State inmates filled more than 1,500 sandbags Thursday.

Phillip Waller said he’s lived in Marks most of his life and has seen the trouble flooding can cause.

“It just floods backwards and it floods into the street and they have to sandbag the grates to keep the water from flooding everywhere,” Waller said.

Sandbags from previous floods are already in place near Delta Academy School.

The county said the number of roads with water over them has nearly tripled since Wednesday’s rains.

All around the county there are nearly two dozen roads underwater.

Quitman County EMA director Jimmy Mathews said the county is continuously working to solve the flooding problem.

“There has been significant efforts in hauling and spreading gravel on some of the low lying roads,” Mathews told FOX13.

A big factor in the flooding is that the Coldwater River has not been properly dredged in years. County leaders said they’ll need federal funds to get that done.

FOX13 reached out to the Army Corps of Engineers to see if there are any plans to dredge the river.

WATCH: Quitman Co. works to solve flooding problems