Mississippi receives federal funding for unemployment

Watch: Mississippi receives federal funding for unemployment

MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi received federal funding Friday.

It is one of the first states in the nation to payout federal pandemic unemployment money.

The governor said it could take time as the state and federal governments work out the guidelines on who is eligible to receive more unemployment money than the state's set amount.

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“It is an economic crisis for the people who thought they would never have thought they would need to rely on the government to get them by but now find themselves in that position,” said Tate Reeves, Mississippi Governor

Thursday Reeves discussed the details for federal payouts to unemployed workers impacted by COVID-19.

He admitted the process of trying to figure out who is eligible and who isn't could be slow.

“It is not instant for everybody,” Reeves said. “That is a logistical challenge we are working on right now.”

According to the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, on Friday, some stimulus money was deposited onto debit cards or banking accounts under the Unemployment Insurance Program for those who eligible receive an extra 600 dollars per week.

The additional money is from The US Department of Labor to help jobless Mississippians under CARES ACT. It is one of the stimulus programs the president signed into law last month.

To ensure Mississippians would get their cut of federal money as soon as possible, Reeves signed an agreement with the US Department of Labor two weeks ago.

He said he's working with the federal government on a timeline for the next round of payments.

“We are still waiting on guidance regarding pandemic unemployment assistance for people who would typically qualify for Mississippi unemployment,” Reeves said. “We are waiting to get that guidance as soon as next Friday. The bottleneck there is in Washington, not in Mississippi.”

Reeves understood this waiting period is difficult but he assured eligible Mississippians more money is one the way.

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