Mississippi State fans celebrate College World Series win

STARKVILLE, Miss. — It has never in the history of Mississippi State sports happened until Wednesday night. Mississippi State defeated Vanderbilt Wednesday night in the College World Series to win State’s first national title in anything.

FOX13 went to Starkville to hear from stunned and excited Bulldogs.

We met DeSoto County’s Kaitlyn Wheeley. She just graduated from State. She was one of many in line at the MSU Bookstore trying to get a National Championship t-shirt.

”It is awesome!” Wheeley said. “I told my mom I have been a state fan my whole life and it was awesome to be with fans last night - a surreal experience last night. Tears came to my eye.”

One of the things that we heard from Bulldogs fans was, “Did that really happen. Did we really win a national championship in something?”

”I know that sounds weird, but last night I was like, did that really happen? I asked my friend did that really happen because we have worked so hard and been so close, always the best team that hasn’t won a national championship. I guess it just doesn’t seem real. " Wheeley said.

For some who are lifelong Bulldogs fans, it’s just good to let it soak in and try to realize we’re national champions. That according to Trudy Jones, who was putting in an order for a custom national champs t-shirt.

”This means wonderful things for me,” Jones said. “I have been a Bulldogs fan all my life, and I am very excited for them to win a championship.”

On Friday afternoon at 5:30, there will be a victory parade down University Avenue to Dudy Noble Field.

The parade will go through downtown Starkville and culminate with an event inside Dudy Noble Field at Polk-Dement Stadium, school officials said.

School officials are encouraging fans to tailgate along the parade route.