Mississippians hopeful medical marijuana bill keeps rolling on its way through House

MISSISSIPPI — Medical marijuana is one step closer to becoming legal in Mississippi.

The state senate passed a bill last night that would create a medical marijuana program.

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You may remember, back in November 2020, voters overwhelmingly supported the idea. FOX13 looked into where the bill goes from here and what chance it has to become law.

Members of the House who have spoken to FOX13 by phone said they don’t believe it has a long road to go in the house. They believe it’s got a short road. Legislators said they expect the bill to be voted on possibly as early as next week.

Zack Wilson with the group We are the 74, which backs legalizing medical marijuana in Mississippi, said he hears the same thing.

”We are expecting it to pass in the house with as great a percentage as the senate, but we challenge them to pass it with a higher percentage. They represent the people. The people voted for this. The people should get their program,” Wilson said.

The 74 in We are the 74 refers to the percentage of voters who supported legalizing medical marijuana in the state. Last year, though, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled the process that let voters decide was unconstitutional.

That left it in the hands of lawmakers. Under this bill, patients would be allowed 3.5 grams of marijuana a day, which Wilson said is enough for three joints, or 3.5 ounces a month.

Governor Tate Reeves has said he will veto the bill if the amount isn’t cut in half. Wilson said that’s not a roadblock.

”If the governor vetoes it, the Senate passed it by 88 percent, which they only need a 3/5 majority to override a veto. So, they need 66 percent to override a veto.,” Wilson said.

FOX13 has reached out to the governor’s office to find out if he still plans to veto it after it passed the Senate yesterday with strong support.