Mississippians weigh in on changing the state flag

WATCH: Mississippians weigh in on changing the state flag

SOUTHHAVEN, Miss. — Saturday, Mississippi House and Senate voted to remove Confederate imagery from the state flag.

Sunday, both houses of the legislature passed a bill calling for a commission to be charged with creating the design for a new state flag. The new flag cannot have the Confederate symbol and must have the phrase, “In God We Trust.”


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The possibility of changing the Mississippi state flag is a hot button issue. People on either side of the argument are passionate.

FOX13 went to Southaven, Miss. to ask people what they think about the potential change.

“I think it needs to be changed,” said Zakeya Henry. “I just moved here not that long ago, but it makes me uncomfortable.”

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Henry wasn’t the only person who said they think it’s time for the flag to change. In fact, the vast majority agreed.

“The flag, even though it does have a lot of history, not all of that history is good,” said Bryson Krause. “I think this is a positive change.”

“Blacks built not only the State of Mississippi but this country,” said Anita White. “The Confederate flag stands for something that has long been defeated or should have been defeated.”

“I know it lived on in some people’s hearts, but if they want to see the flag that bad, they can go to a museum and see it,” she said. “It is time, definitely, for that flag to go.”

“I believe if the flag is reflecting too much animosity if it’s reflecting division if it’s not bringing us together, I think it should be removed,” said Terra Henderson.

On the other side of the argument is Mike Lahatte.

“I think it is absolutely ridiculous,” Lahatte said. “That flag has been since Mississippi has been. It deserves to stay right where it’s at.”

Out of the dozen or so people FOX13 spoke to, he’s the only one who said that he believes the flag should stay the way it is.

“This ain’t got nothing to do with hate,” he said. “This is all heritage and history. Why are you trying to destroy it? It’s not going to change.”

“The Mississippi flag needs to stay exactly like it is. The Confederate flag needs to be flown wherever it wants to be flown. Because these people have relatives that fought and died for that flag.”