Mississippi’s Adopt-a-School program connects school districts with COVID-19 vaccine providers

JACKSON, Miss. — With COVID cases rising at an alarming rate and students preparing to go back to school, Mississippi wants school districts to connect with COVID-19 vaccine providers.

It’s part of their effort to get more young people vaccinated.

The plan is an Adopt-a-School program that pairs schools directly with people who can vaccinate kids.

Parents have mixed reactions, but the health department feels like it’s critical for the safety of its people.

“I think everyone listens to what everyone is saying instead of reading and investigating and seeking for themselves,” said resident Vickie Mack.

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Mack supports the Mississippi Department of Health’s Adopt-a-School program that connects vaccine providers to schools.

The goal is to set up pop-up locations on site so children 12 years and older can get access to the vaccine.

Mack is from Coldwater, Mississippi. She encouraged her whole family to get the shot.

“I have a son who didn’t believe it at first, but he just got his first vaccination yesterday,” said Mack.

The Corinth School District plans on holding its first clinic on July 30 at its middle and high schools.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson at DeSoto County Schools said the district doesn’t plan on participating at this time.

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FOX13 also reached out to Senatobia, Marshall County, and the North Panola County school district, but we haven’t heard back.

“I think it’s up to the parents, but I’ve been vaccinated, and I’m all about it, but I think it’s up to the parents,” said resident Cynthia Carpenter.

Carpenter also supports getting children vaccinated but understands why some parents might be hesitant.

Some opponents argue their children are healthy or they don’t need or trust the shot. Others just want to wait.

Still, the Mississippi Department of Health is actively trying to change this mindset.

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Right now, the CDC lists Mississippi as the last in the country for its vaccination rate.

It’s something the Department of Health is desperately trying to change.

Carpenter said at the end of the day, it’s up to each person to make their own decision.

“I think these scientists know what they are doing, and I think everyone should be vaccinated,” said Carpenter.

The Corinth School District plans on having its second vaccine clinic on August 20.

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