MLGW announces efforts to address the coronavirus that is affecting our community

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With an absolute need for healthy living conditions, MLGW will temporarily suspend service disconnections for failure to pay.

But this does not mean you are off the hook on paying your bills.

MLGW made this call as part of its coronavirus crisis planning.

Bills are still due but cutting off the services will be on pause for now.

MLGW said in its 60-day crisis planning, it will amend how it does things internally with employees and customer interaction.

The utility's president said community meetings are suspended and they will move to live streaming for meetings.

Customers are asked to avoid coming to MLGW locations to pay bills, instead use online, mail or phone options.

But the biggest call to action is to temporarily stop disconnection services for water, gas and lights.

"In recognition of a lot of challenges and hardships for our customers and uncertainty that they're facing right now, we want to do what we can,” said President Young. “To help ease that burden temporarily to suspend those disconnects."

Just remember, bills are still due on time, and charges and fees will still accrue if you’re late.