MLGW braces for possible power outages due to weather

WATCH: MLGW braces for possible power outages due to weather

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Heavy rain and storms are rolling into the area and many people are preparing for power outages over the weekend.

MLGW said they are prepared to deal with any weather-related outages and crews are prepared to work around the clock, if needed.

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“Not knowing how long the power will be out, it’s going to interfere with a lot of people’s lives,” said Saint Allan Austin, who’s bracing for the coming storms.

MLGW has 30 contract tree trimming crews on standby.

It’s unclear exactly how many MLGW crews will be on standby.

Gale Jones Carson with MLGW said their staff is working closely with the National Weather Service in case they have power outages.

“Our troubleshooters should go out first. They will access any damage that we have, and after that, the appropriate staff and crews will go out and begin the restorational process,” said Jones.

She said it’s too early to know how many crews they will need. That’s why it’s tough to have other crews staging somewhere.

“You could bring those crews in and not need them and that would be a waste of time and resources,” said Jones.

Customers like Cynthia Bailey are preparing for the worst.

“I have a flashlight. I have a refrigerator full of food. I’m keeping the news on, the TV on and I do have a radio,” said Bailey.

Don’t assume that your power company knows you have an outage.

If you experience an outage, MLGW asks that you call and report it. Their outage hotline number is 901-544-6500.

WATCH: MLGW braces for possible power outages due to weather