MLGW and City crews on standby to deal with impact of Ida in the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Light Gas and Water and city crews are on standby in case the Mid-South gets hit from the impact of Ida.

For now, none will head to Louisiana unless they know if they won’t need them here in Shelby County and Memphis.

As you know, drains get clogged up when it rains.

City Crews spent the day clearing storm drains. They want to remind residents that any litter can clog up drains.

“If we get hit by the storm, then we will need our own crews. If it’s a light hit, believe me, we are going to be more than happy to go down and help them,” said Gale Jones Carson; a spokesperson with Memphis Light Gas and Water.

MLGW and the city’s public works department are working 24-hour shifts preparing for whatever damage Ida could bring.

Right now, crews are on standby.

“We have 20 crews, we have we have 50 contract tree trimming crews and we also have six outside tree trimming crews that are here right now ready to go to work,” Carson said.

The city’s public works director says crews are also working with the homeless population,

“If a situation does become severe, the city does have the capability to activate one of its shelters at one of the community centers. That will be determined on impact, severity and necessity,” said Robert Knecht; the director of Public Works.

City crews want to remind you that they will target the most impacted areas first, and then make their way through other areas across the Mid-South.

“We will send troubleshooters out first; they will assess the damage and we will immediately address the damage that the troubleshooters sent to us,” said Gale Jones Carson.

City crews say if anyone sees down lines, do not touch them.

Also, call them if your power goes out. Do not assume they know your service is out.