More people return to Tunica casinos after reopening amid coronavirus

WATCH: Tunica casinos see increased guest traffic after reopening amid coronavirus

TUNICA, Miss. — Tunica County officials said they are starting to see gamblers return strongly to casinos after reopening almost a month ago.

They believe numbers are getting back to normal.

They are eyeballing traffic and from the looks of things, right now they got more and more visitors coming to the casino, however that first check won’t come out until mid-May which will stretch out the true story.

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The traffic has picked up noticeably on Casino Center Drive according to the county officials.

Right now, the weekends are where they are making their money according to county leaders.

John Loveless lives around the corner from one of the casinos and said that he has noticed an increase in the value in traffic.

“Yeah well you know I think it’s just, I don’t know if it’s a fear of the cove it is really there was people or not I don’t know but I would imagine,” Loveless said.

John McKamie, a poker dealer at horseshoe casino, told FOX13 that things were slow Friday and there is concern about what could happen after the 4th of July weekend.

Honestly, after the 4th, the 4th can be really slow,” said McKamie.

Some people think the new mask requirement at the casinos is actually bringing more traffic in because people feel more comfortable if everybody’s wearing one.

“Probably, probably people wanting to drink and get out and do stuff you know,” he said. “It is good to see the activity is really good but we hope it holds, we’ll see.”

The state has not gotten it’s first full revenue check since re-opening on May 21 and that will tell the real story on just how the casinos have rebounded.