More than 1000 students at Mississippi State in Starkville quarantined

WATCH: More than 1000 students at Mississippi State in Starkville quarantined Part 1

COVID-19 continues to be an increasing concern on college campuses and towns that surround them. According to a report in the New York Times, Oxford, Miss. has the second most new cases per capita of any metro area in the United States. But Ole Miss’s arch-rival has its own issues.

Every single building FOX13 tried to go into on the Mississippi State Campus has a sign on the door reminding you to mask up.

More than one thousand students at Mississippi State in Starkville have been quarantined.

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The university has tested 1,100 students. 195 of them came back positive. 183 tests are still pending as of Wednesday.

“I mean if it’s one thousand students there are 22,000 people on campus or something like that that are attending school here, so it’s really not a lot compared to all the people here,” student Treyvon Young told FOX13.

The university has put up signs all over campus and reached out to students via social media. Students who live on campus said they have been told to pack a bag in the event they have to be moved to hotels that the university is using as quarantine facilities.

Student Lance Wright said he thinks the university is doing a good job.

“I mean they are doing a pretty good job getting the word out,” said Wright. “I feel like everybody feels safe, so that is a good thing.”

The university told FOX13 they are going so far as to use athletic facilities as classrooms to be able to space out classes and increase social distancing.

WATCH: More than 1000 students at Mississippi State in Starkville quarantined Part 2

On Tuesday night, the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors voted for a curfew from 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. FOX13 learned the curfew was implemented because parties in the county became problematic.

The same social gathering problem that has plagued Ole Miss and Oxford has affected Mississippi State and Starkville. Students came back for the fall semester and wanted to party.

The difference is in Oxford there is a $1000 fine for it. in Starkville, the county said there is no fine so far.

Tanner Madison, an MSU student from Hernando, said it is a bit much.

“I heard a lot of partying goes on and I understand that social activities will go on with social distancing. I am just ready for all of this to be over with,” he said.

The city of Starkville just like Oxford had a mask ordinance in place long before Gov. Reeves mandated it. Again, the difference is you could get fined for violating Oxford’s ordinance.

MSU student TJ Mayfield said the University, the City, and the County have been good about getting free masks to students.

“I think the city is doing a great job they have masks all over the place and they are trying to social distance,” Mayfield said.

But Madison said he doesn’t see it.

“People seem to just not really care," said Madison. “Honestly, they don’t care from what I have seen.”