More than 500 people line up to vote at Mid-South church

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — People in Shelby County are making sure their voices are heard at the polls.

How about this.

There were 27,761 votes on the second day of early voting, setting a record for the highest single-day early voting total since 2000.

That’s two decades.

FOX13 spoke with the pastor Ricky Floyd of The Pursuit of God Transformation Center, which is being used as a voting location.

He’s seen the massive turnout up close this week.

Floyd said he pulled up a couple of hours before voting started that first day on Wednesday and there was already a line wrapped around the church building.

He said there were people of all ages and he’s never seen this level of commitment before.

There were people using walkers and in wheelchairs in line.

Floyd said a couple of people even passed out while waiting.

He estimates there were five to six hundred voters on the first day alone just at his church.

FOX13 asked Floyd why he thinks the turnout has been so impressive.

He said people, especially in the African American community, feel they have to vote and are realizing how much their vote counts.

“A lot of people feel like their vote didn’t matter in times past,” Floyd said. “They felt like the political system didn’t care anything about them. It was going to do just what it was going to do. I think with the pandemic that we’re seeing right now with Corona. I think with the epidemic that we’re seeing with drug overdose and addiction and with the racial issues that we’re seeing in our community right now, everybody is being touched. Everybody is being touched.”

There’s only 18 days until election day. But the early voting period goes until October 29.