More than 75% of SCS parents are considering virtual learning for their children this fall

Watch: More than 75% of SCS parents are considering virtual learning for their children this fall

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Three out of four parents are considering virtual learning for their children this fall in Shelby County Schools.

Parents only have a few more days to decide how they want their children to learn.

In a recent interview on WKNO’s Behind The Headlines, SCS Superintendent Joris Ray said more than 75 percent of parents are moving forward with virtual learning. But FOX13 talked with an SCS parent who said she has concerns about both options.

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“We feel like there isn’t a good choice and its nobody’s fault, that’s just the way it is for everyone in the city right now,” said parent Tracy O’Connor.

O’Connor told FOX13 she has three students enrolled in Shelby County Schools and she’s still on the fence about what to do this fall.

She said safety is a huge concern if they go back to the classroom especially with maintaining social distancing.

“My children are all boys and I don’t know if you’re familiar with them but they’re constantly just touching each other and in each other’s face and it’s a natural part of childhood, you know are they going to be able to resist that with their friends,” O’Connor said.

But she told FOX13 she isn’t sure if virtual learning is the best option either.

“But we also worry if we don’t send them in person, will they be lonely, will they miss out on socialization that’s such a big part of school,” said O’Connor. “Will they learn as well over the internet?”

The district said if parents don’t make a selection for in-person or virtual learning by the deadline then those students will be enrolled for in-person classes for the fall.

But O’Connor said it may be easier for everyone if the district followed the lead of Metro Nashville Public Schools which are 100 percent virtual this fall.

“Right now we know if we go in person the chances of us coming back, you know having to be sent back after two – three weeks,” said O’Connor. “So how do you plan for that? I’m not saying schools are babysitters but the kids can’t be by themselves.”

The deadline for parents to select in-person or virtual learning has been extended to Saturday, July 24.

As we’ve told you before, the district says once you make a final decision about where to learn that will be your student’s choice for the entire semester, but you could make a switch in the spring.

If parents have questions, the district says parents can review its S.A.F.E. Plan. CLICK HERE to find the full plan along with videos and F.A.Q.s for both parents and employees that will address many questions.

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