More than a dozen car break-ins reported in Southeast Memphis overnight

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Car break-ins across Memphis are a regular occurrence. Tuesday morning, Memphis police reported several car break-ins at two Southeast Memphis businesses.

Curtis Shaw’s 1992 Caddillac Allante was one of 16 cars broken into overnight at Hogan Truck Leasing and Rental.

”You come to work every day, try to make a living, and someone breaks into your car,” said Shaw.

The thieves got away with just a handful of change, but Shaw’s pocketbook has taken an enormous hit.

”It’s a Cadillac Allante. Very rare. So to be able to replace that window is going to take a while to locate it and have it shipped to Memphis,” said Shaw.

And that’s not the only business targeted in a rash of car burglaries Tuesday. Memphis police say several cars at Jordan Aluminum were broken into as well.

”Keeping things out of view inside of your vehicle is important,” FOX13 Law Enforcement Analyst Mike Collins said.

Collins said it is important to hide all valuables and remove mail with your address from the glove compartment. People may use it to compromise your identity or know where you live.

Often thieves are looking for guns as well. It’s important to remove those items from cars or purchase a gun safe box for your vehicle.