Mother and daughter with different political views talk politics

MEMPHIS, Tenn, — Talking to your friends and family about politics is never easy, especially when you don’t share the same political views.

The conversations may be even tougher as America waits to find out who will be the next president of the United States.

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FOX13 spoke with a mother and daughter who do not share the same political perspective.

The mother is the executive director of the Republican Party of Shelby County.

Her daughter worked closely with a democratic governor’s campaign.

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“A lot of people say, ‘Are you disappointed that your daughter is working on a Democratic campaign?’ And I say, ‘No. of course not.’ I want her to be her own person and have that independence,” said Kristina Garner, executive director of the Republican Party of Shelby County.

Kristina’s daughter Elise, who now attends college in Colorado, campaigned for Colorado Governor Jared Polis, who’s a Democrat.

“I don’t believe in political parties, but I would say I align myself more with Democrats. I’m very passionate about gay rights, women’s rights, people of color’s rights, and I think that aligns more with the Democratic Party,” said Elise.

“She is a little outnumbered in our household because just about everybody in our household is Republican,” said Kristina.

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Elise voted for the first time in Shelby County when the 21-year-old was home from school. The Garner family admitted talking about politics with friends and family is touchy.

“It’s just hard because I think with everything, the way our country is now, it’s just so divided, and I think there’s so much hate,” said Elise.

Experts said there are ways to communicate that allows both sides to be heard without animosity. They suggest being prepared to listen and not talk, and ground yourself.

“Find something that you’re both passionate about that does cross party lines, such as women’s rights,” Kristina said.

Something else experts recommend is asking yourself why am I doing this. Be aware of what your own motivations are. If it’s to change the other person’s mind, you’re probably going to be disappointed.