Mother identifies son killed in double shooting over the weekend

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mother is mourning the loss of her son after he was gunned down over the weekend at a funeral.

The teen has been identified as Emmit Beasley.

IN PHOTOS: Mother identifies son killed in double shooting over the weekend

Gunfire in the Hyde Park neighborhood left a 16-year-old boy dead and another 16-year-old critically injured Saturday evening, according to the Memphis Police Department.

MPD said the shooting happened around 6 p.m. outside of a house on Hunter Ave.

Police said the child died at the scene of the double shooting and the other 16-year-old boy was rushed to Regional One Hospital in critical condition.

The shooters took off in a black Jeep, according to police.

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But the mother and father of the teen killed are speaking/

They said their teen had big dreams and most of all, he was a good kid.

“His brains were scattered,” said Chasity Graham, mother.

She saw something no parent should ever see.

“On the sidewalk, my son was dead,” she said. “And that’s the last image I will have of my 16-year-old son.”

Emmit attended school at Southwind.

“An was an 11th grader, he worked at Wendy’s, he was an up-and-coming rapper, he babysat his nephew,” his mother said.

Graham said that one Saturday she accompanied her teen to the funeral of one of his friends.

“I watched my son pray in that church, pray he actually helped ushers in the church put seats down to put chairs down for kids to sit down during his kids’ service,” she said.

“There were a lot of kids walking behind the casket it was a beautiful sight. I was in my car trailing behind the kids a couple of other parents, “ she said. “I actually circled around the block and came back up to help because im in the healthcare field and when I got out of my car my son was dead.”

The mother said her son had big dreams of being a rap star.

His father said for his son, this was simply an art form.

“If you have a rapper, who’s making $130 million doing it what’s wrong with my 16-year-old son doing so he can get to that $130 million, so he can go back to an HBCU and give away $50,000 to a struggling student,” his father said.

The family said what he portrayed in his music wasn’t all him.

The mother told us tonight her son’s cousin was also shot several times and he remains in a hospital in critical condition.

Southwind High School was on lockdown Monday after rumors of gang retaliation filtered through social media after the teen was killed over the weekend.

Of course, the schools said they have protocols.

But in the age of cell phones – when parents are getting calls from their kids – it’s hard for the parents to think about protocol.

At some point Monday, Southwind High did send this message out to parents.

It had said the school had been placed on a precautionary lockdown due to a rumored threat.

The teen gunned down on Saturday was a Southwind student.

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