MPD cracking down on reckless driving, drag racing

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department is working with the City to crack down on reckless driving.

The Slow Down Memphis campaign means extra eyes in areas where dangerous driving and road stunts have endangered lives.

The campaign is cracking down on drag racing and reckless driving in areas such as Downtown, East Memphis, and local interstates.

The Memphis Police Department’s traffic division is making sure reckless drivers get the point that Memphis is going to hold them accountable.

MPD Colonel Keith Watson says the enforcement is even leading to getting guns off the street.

“We have recovered over 60 weapons during this enforcement period,” Watson said.

Watson says the reason for the campaign is because of the increase of crashes police have seen over the past year and what’s happened so far this year.

“We had 34,000 vehicle crashes during the 2020 year. So far this year in 2021 we are at about 10,000 crashes. Fifty percent of those crashes involve young people,” Watson said.

Watson says officers will be watching for reckless driving all over the city. There will be a focus on popular areas for reckless and overaggressive driving, including Riverside Drive, Front Street, and President’s Island.

Memphis police have confiscated 60 cars involved in drag racing so far this year, and have made numerous arrests related to reckless driving.