MPD, family and friends remember fallen officer with emotional ‘Sea of Blue’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dozens of motorcycles and cop cars drove 40 miles in honor of fallen MPD officer Scotty Triplett Thursday evening.

Triplett was on duty when a car hit and killed him last Saturday.

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It was a hard night for Triplett’s friends, especially the ones in the motor unit.

“Just his openness to everybody,” said Officer Keely Greer. “He was always open. ‘Call me anytime. Come see me at my house. I’m here to further your career.’”

Greer said he traveled with Triplett’s family during the Sea of Blue through Memphis.

Triplett was a 27-year-veteran with MPD. He spent most of his time with the motor unit, which is a very tight-knit group.

“The motors unit came rolling up, and we are expecting to see Scotty riding up like this with his arms wide open for everybody, and it choked me up when they came down the street, and he wasn’t there,” said Officer Greer.

It was easy for Triplett to make friends. He hung out with several officers outside of work. His favorite hobbies included hunting and fishing.

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“We had a lot of conversations that people don’t understand,” said Officer Jesus Perea. “He’d get off work, drive to Arlington to his property and watch deer before sunset and that was his peace. That was his decompression.”

Officer Perea formed a quick friendship with Triplett. He also got to know Triplett’s two teenagers as well and plans on keeping in touch.

“I might have lost a hunting partner, but I’ve gained several more with his children,” said Officer Perea. “I’ll focus on them and expose them as much as I can.”

Officer Triplett leaves behind a wife and two teenage children.

His funeral will take place Friday at 11 a.m. at Hope Church in Cordova.