MPD: Officer in critical condition after being hit and dragged by car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 uncovers new information about the Memphis Police critically injured after he was hit by a car and dragged while serving a subpoena. 

FOX13 learned the officer is assigned to the Organized Crime Unit and was working with a federal anti-crime program.

We also learned that two federal prosecutors were with him when he tried to give the subpoena to the driver for an ongoing investigation involving firearms.

Our cameras were rolling as a tow truck hauled the red car that sent a Memphis Police Officer to the hospital.   

Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn “CJ” Davis told FOX13, “an officer attempted to hand the subpoena the driver through the passenger side door when the driver backed up and struck the officer with the open passenger door.”

According to Memphis Police, the driver continued to back up with the officer caught in the passenger door and injured him.   

We spoke to Leon Freeman who owns a rental home on Alma Street. 

Freeman told us, “I was wondering what was going on. They had the whole street blocked off. I thought four or five people had gotten killed.”

Police were able to arrest the driver but the passenger in the car got away.  

“My goodness.  She was really trying to get away wasn’t she?” said Freeman.

Police said prosecutors wanted the woman to testify in an ongoing investigation involving firearms, but Freeman told us police are at the driver’s home often.

“Oh, there is something going over there,” said Freeman.

Police have not released the name of the driver. 

She could face aggravated assault charges and possibly federal charges as well.