MPD Police Chief’s gun stolen during car break-in, department says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A handgun was stolen from Chief C.J. Davis of the Memphis Police Department, Saturday, as she shopped at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery in Cordova, according to a police report.

The police report states the handgun was stolen out of a vehicle in which Chief Davis was a passenger. It states the weapon was inside of a handgun lockbox when it was stolen.

The report states a backpack with contents was also stolen, but the backpack was later found at another location. However, the handgun was not recovered.

Chief Davis released this statement to FOX13 following the incident:

“This incident is a vivid reminder that even as a police official, I am not immune to the criminal activity that occurs so blatantly in our city. Carrying my weapons on or near my person has been a career-long practice on and off duty. Like so many others in our city, I am outraged to have property stolen and angered that my gun may be used unlawfully to commit a crime. This was an unfortunate incident and a reminder of the public safety challenges we face as a community. This will only strengthen my resolve to get stolen guns off our streets and bring those perpetrators to justice.”

An employee of the gallery in which the chief was shopping told FOX13 that the business was full of customers when the incident happened. She said the incident happened fast and said nothing like this has happened in the seven years in which she has worked at the gallery.

“Memphis, we are known for carjacking (and)break-ins. So I wouldn’t have left my firearm. I don’t leave my firearm in the car. I take it with me,” said Angela Hamilton of Memphis.

The employee of the gallery tells FOX13 that the business does not have surveillance cameras that cover the portion of the parking lot in which the vehicle was parked.

“Unfortunately, we have laws in this state that make guns really easy to put their hands on. Everybody has a gun now. They are leaving them in their vehicle unsecured. Sixty percent of the guns we seize off the street come from some legal gun owner’s vehicle in a glove compartment,” said Chief Davis in an interview with FOX13 in September of 2021.