MPD and SCSO unsure of why more people are popping fireworks

Watch: MPD and SCSD unsure of why more people are popping fireworks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s not unusual to hear fireworks going off this time of year but what is unusual is the number of fireworks popping off in neighborhoods here and across the country.

People all across Shelby County have made the same complaint and law enforcement cannot pinpoint a reason.

Monday night, a FOX 13 photographer recorded what he believed was fireworks popping off around 11 o’clock in Bartlett.

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The sound of fireworks seems to be a constant and it’s not the fourth of July.

“Sometimes you come through and you might have a peaceful walk through other times you might hear fireworks,” said Melvin Patterson, Memphis resident.

FOX13 found firework wrappers on the ground. We don’t know how long they were there.

How much of a problem is this?

FOX13 found the number of complaints the Memphis Police investigated from April 1 to June 29 compared to the same time last year.

There were 877 more complaints this year compared to last year and the percentage is a 1020 increase.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office sent figures that showed it has received four complaints in 2019 and 69 in 2020 from June 18 through June 23 of this year.

“There is nothing else that the kids or young adults can do but pop fireworks,” Patterson said.

FOX13 emailed MPD and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to ask why it appeared more people are lighting fireworks.

They both didn’t have a reason why.

“Like I said, if there is nothing in the sky that I can see like lights or what not then I am getting kind of worried,” Patterson said. “What is really going on? Is this guns or fireworks?”

Just a reminder if you are planning on shooting off fireworks, Shelby County requires you to have a permit.

If you don’t have a permit, you could be cited for a noise violation ordinance.