MPD searching for man who shot at woman and her baby during crime spree

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Surveillance video shows the moment a man gets inside an unlocked car then drives off.

Memphis Police said the suspect tried to steal another car and also fired a shot at a young woman and her baby on the same day.

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Car owner Vadrian Bradford is upset because the car is a gift from his daughter.

“For you to steal a car and do what you did, you must got that I don’t are mentality,” said Bradford.

Bradford’s security camera shows the suspect get inside his unlocked Dodge Challenger then drive off.

The key fob was left inside the car which made it easy for the thief to getaway.

“He’s someone’s son, nephew, something and what he got going on, he asking for it,” said Bradford.

Bradford was at work when it happened but his daughter and wife were home off Reese Road.

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Bradford said they heard the security alert from the camera go off but didn’t look outside.

“If my daughter or wife had came out of this house he would’ve tried to rob them,” said Bradford.

Memphis Police said this is the second crime the man committed Tuesday.

Before this, officers said he tried to steal another car at a home a few minutes away off Pate Road.

Police said the homeowner confronted the suspect, who then flashed his gun.

Officers said the suspect didn’t steal anything, instead, he ran to Bradford’s home.

“He’s already in trouble, only thing he can do is turn himself in, that’s all I can say, turn yourself in,” said Bradford.

Officers said it didn’t stop there.

Later in the afternoon, the suspect drove to a home in Cordova off Breezy Ridge.

Police said he fired a shot at a mother and her five-month-old son after he stole a purse from her car.

Right now police are still searching for the suspect.

Bradford hopes the police find the man before someone gets hurt.

He also wants his car back.

“You already in trouble cause you on the news so I don’t know what to tell you, turn yourself in,” said Bradford.

Police believe the suspect is 18 to 21 years old.

He was last seen in the stolen 2007 grey Dodge Challenger

If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.