MPD wants more tips from communities to help bring criminals to justice

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — Memphis police are hoping someone in the community comes forward with information about the suspects who shot an officer Tuesday.

MPD said it plain and simple: there’s not been any help or information from the community in this investigation, and they said it’s a problem when there are violent suspects still roaming the streets.

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“This city has to do more, " said Lieutenant Colonel Lambert Ross at the East Raines Station. “We have to come forward. There’s been no information. None about who’s responsible for this crime.”

Ross is pressing the community for answers in the shooting of a Memphis police officer near St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital early Tuesday morning.

Police said someone shot the off-duty officer in the arm as he was working security and checking on someone breaking into cars.

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“Now we got word that he was okay, but still the trauma the family goes through, that the people who he works with, the officers that he works with, the things they go through, I mean this affects everybody,” said Ross.

Surveillance video showed the suspects getting away in a black Pontiac. The same vehicle was carjacked before the shooting.

“It was a lady putting air in her tire,” Ross told FOX13.”They pull up, put a gun to her, jump in her car. She tried to pull her purse out and they even fired a shot at her. When are we going to come forward and stop all this senseless violence in our city?”

Police said there’ve been 150 murders in Memphis in 2020.

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They’re calling for more tips to bring the criminals to justice.

“You have all the numbers,” he said.”We say this every week. Reach out! Communicate with us! There’s a $6,000 reward for anyone who can give us information that leads to an arrest.”

That reward comes from a one thousand dollar reward from Crime Stoppers and five thousand from the ATF.

Police said they hope to get more public input in their investigations to help save lives and get criminals off the street.