MPD unclear if woman shot dead while watching fireworks was targeted or hit with stray bullet

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Fourth of July celebration turns deadly after Memphis Police said a woman was shot and killed while watching fireworks.

The incident happened on Olympic St.

Fourth of July is usually celebrated with fireworks and on Olympic St., you can see neighbors did just that.

Down the road though, a woman was shot and killed while watching fireworks.

It has left Memphis Police with questions.

Memphis Police said they were responding to a death investigation call at Methodist University.

Further investigation revealed a woman was hit by a bullet while watching fireworks.

We spoke to many neighbors who didn’t want to go on camera.

Many said they didn’t know about what happened until this morning but what happened is tragic.

What’s unclear is if the woman was hit by a stray celebratory bullet, if she was targeted or something else.

We asked MPD that question, all they told us is that this is an ongoing investigation.

We’re going to keep pushing MPD for those answers, we’ll let you know once we get them.