MPD: Woman tracks stolen cellphone to carjacking suspect’s front door

Memphis, Tenn. — A 19-year-old Memphis man is behind bars after police said a cellphone taken during a carjacking led them to the alleged thief’s front door.

According to the Memphis Police Department, 19-year-old Timothy Webster pulled a gun on a woman and stole her blue Ford Escape at 1341 Winchester Road on March 22.

A little over 2 weeks later, on April 7, police said Webster stole another car at gunpoint at a gas station on East Mclemore.

This time, police said the passenger left her cellphone in the 2004 Infiniti as Webster sped off in it.

Court records show that the passenger tracked her cellphone and saw that it was at Webster’s home on Berea Road.

Police reported showing up at Webster’s address and finding Webster and a woman sitting in a blue Ford Escape outside of the house.

A 2004 Infiniti was also outside of the house, according to police.

The carjacking victims identified Webster as the man who carjacked them.

According to an affidavit, the woman Webster was arrested with on Berea Road also identified Webster from surveillance video of the carjackings as the man driving away in the Ford Escape on Winchester Road and as the same person pointing a gun at the victims and stealing the Infiniti on East Mclemore.

Webster now faces 3 counts of carjacking and 3 counts of employing a firearm with intent to commit a felony.