MPD working with THP to increase security after 84 interstate shootings so far this year

MEMPHIS, TENN. — There have been 84 interstate shootings in Memphis so far this year, but only 13 arrests according to MPD.

Drivers say they’re worried because there have only been 13 arrests so far in 2021.

“I guess the police presence when we are on the interstate is kind of making a difference now some people don’t know how to hold their cool and you cut somebody off some people want to get mad,” said Melvin Lewis.

Police say many shootings were cases of road rage.

“Make it home to your family,” Lewis said. “That’s how you want to do, you want to get back home the same way you left.”

Last year there were 83 interstate shootings according to police.

Memphis police are working with the Tennessee Highway Patrol to increase security on the highways. FOX13 is working with local agencies to figure out what those security plans actually are.