Mississippi River hits all-time low water record in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At 8 P.M. on Tuesday, October 18, the Mississippi River water level gauge in Memphis officially hit a new all-time low record water level of -10.79 feet.

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Tuesday’s mark broke the previous all-time record low of -10.70 feet which was set on July 10, 1988.

That July was the first, and previously only, time in Mississippi River history to record a double-digit negative number on the Memphis gauge unit.

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The current prediction is that the river will continue to decrease to a new all-time low -11.10 feet mark by October 20 at 1 A.M.

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There is no relief in sight either, as the National Weather Service forecasts the gauge to remain at -11.00 through November 1.

If the water level does not go up in November to improve barge traffic, farmers are toast, especially upstream across the Mid-West.

The river will start to freeze up north, only closing the river for barges and locking away the moisture that feeds the river, until the thawing in the spring.

If the river freezes before levels go up, this will cause a negative loop in the supply chain for next year’s crops and harvest.

It could take until 2024 for all the impacts of the low river level to be caught up.