MSCS must enter into agreement with Germantown or forfeit ‘3G’ schools, lawmakers say

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — Debate over who will get control over three Germantown schools continued in Nashville Monday evening.

The state House passed an amendment that Shelby County Schools must enter into an agreement with the Germantown Municipal School District or forfeit the rights to Germantown Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

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Questions lingered about what the partnership will look like.

For example, what will happen to MSCS students who do not live in Germantown?

A state representative from Germantown said there is a plan to keep those students in their schools.

The amendment would let MSCS and Germantown enter into a written agreement that authorizes the county to operate a school with the geographic boundaries of the municipal district.

The amendments sets out requirements for such an agreement, including that the term may not exceed 13 years.

If an agreement is not made before the beginning of the county’s next school year, the ‘3G’ schools used by MSCS will immediately go to Germantown.