MSCS offers Parents 24/7 Online Question-Answer Service

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis-Shelby County School District is creating a new option for its parents and students to communicate.

It’s called “Let’s Talk”, this is an online tool that would provide 24/7 access to those within the district who need their questions or concerns addressed.

The “Let’s Talk” platform can be accessed through the district’s website and responds to frequently asked questions.

Parents can submit inquiries and expect immediate responses through the use of Chatbots. Any further inquiries, beyond the FAQ option, would be forwarded to a separate department—once that query is submitted, a response to your question is expected within the next 24-to-48 hours.

“We wanted to provide another way to support our families,” said Director of Constituent Services Dr. Kemmashela Conner. “It’s another avenue for our constituents and another avenue for them to reach out and get what they need.”

To use the service tool, you simply head over to the district’s website, click on the “Let’s Talk” icon; that prompt will then take you to the Parent Welcome Center, where you can submit your questions.

“I think that’s a good idea because it’s an open form of communication, extremely public which is nice,” said Stephen Doorley, a Memphis resident who says he’s taking a look at MSCS to provide educational needs to his family.

Doorley, who just heard of the new online launch today, says he welcomes the web option because it provides parents flexibility and convenience whenever they have an important question that needs an answer.

“It also opens up the time; it doesn’t necessarily have to be during, as far as I remember growing up, a PTA meeting,” he said. 

Questions are always answered by Call Center Agents who are trusted MSCS district employees and content experts.

The customer service center is located in the Parent Welcome Center on Avery Avenue. If you would like to access the Let’s Talk 24/7 online tool, you can also go to